About Armazém Offshore

About Armazém Offshore

The history of Armazém Offshore is all about attending needs to deliver solutions. For more than 30 years we have built a long-lasting relationship with our customers by offering high quality products. As one of the pioneers in the local market we are constantly seeking improvement.
Armazém Offshore has a portfolio of widely known suppliers to meet the needs of our clients. Our enterprise strategy is focused on offering what will suit your request.

The range of products offered by Armazém Offshore includes equipments, tools, abrasives, welding, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other general consumable goods. With over 45 thousand registered products we focus on our customer’s lead time. Our staff is trained for the proper handling and inspection to provide the best. Responsivess and readiness combined highlights us in the local market. Our goal is to offer our partners the same approach abroad.

Currently headquartered in Macaé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Armazém Offshore serves customers in many locations. Our own fleet vehicle enables to attend the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo (ES). We are also strategically located in Vila Velha (ES) and Porto do Açu (RJ) as both areas facilitate the logistics process. Additionally, we incorporated a warehouse in Miami (US) to provide Armazém Offshore a global reach so we can make even more sustainable progress possible.

The Oil & Gas industry demands integrated solutions and readiness to drive higher levels of performance. In order to optimize the goods distribution, Armazém Offshore decided to be in other locations rather than just Macaé.

Located in São João da Barra (RJ) and with a total area of 130 km², Porto do Açu or the Port of Açu is the first licensed port in Brazil to operate a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). Along with the fact that it relies on a large partner base, including the Port of Antwerp, there are nine terminals divided into offshore and onshore areas. It became a port-industry complex and Armazém Offshore is the first MRO supplier in the area. Our 250 m² facility provides products in a daily basis.

The facility in Vila Velha is strategically located in a logistics center with an area of approximately 90.000 m² at about 2 km from the TVV and CPVV docks. With an area of 100 m² our store is inside Interport, a company dedicated to the logistic processes of export and import of all types of cargo. There is a vast offshore support as there is access to a bonded area known in Brazil as a “retroportuary” area.

Additionally, in Miami, Armazém Offshore is able to store materials and process goods for importation as well as provide all the documentation related to the import/export process. The warehouse is responsible for the unitization of loads into the containers so Armazém Offshore can proceed with the importation. Considering the terms and conditions of Brazilian legislation the complete importation process to Brazil takes from 15 to 20 days including customs clearance which is considered a very good lead time.


We strive to be outstanding in the supply of consumables and equipment in the areas of Maintenance, Repair and Operations for the Oil and Gas industry of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, standing out in quality and supply in up to 3 years.


To work for the Oil and Gas industry, selling products from various segments, aiming to meet the customer’s need and consequently their satisfaction, always seeking the continuous improvement of the quality management system.


  • Business Ethics
  • Focus on internal processes and wastage control
  • Focus on customer service and demands
  • Respect for employees
  • Respect for the environment and safety at work

What Our Clients Say About Us

Excellent service.

GPO Oil States

One of the most complete stores in Macaé for tools and supplies. Easy parking, good service.

Ronei Vianna Alves

Excellent service and variety of products.

Thaiana Costa

Excellent resale in the Oil and Gas segment.
Great service, variety of products for the segment and fast delivery.

Eduarda Junger

Best place to get difficult materials...

Deigles Nunes



Proper handling and inspection of items combined with a trained and qualified team to provide the best product. Readiness and commitment highlight us in the local market.


The oil and gas industry requires integrated solutions and readiness for high performance. To optimize the distribution of consumables, Armazém Offshore conducts business in other locations besides Macaé.


Founded in 1987, in Macaé RJ, Armazém Offshore is recognized as a pioneer of supply for MRO in the Oil and Gas market. We built a strong relationship with our business partners by offering high quality products and solutions which meet the needs of our customers.